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Hopium Variety Pack(Insane Value)


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This bundle comes with all three of our founding roasts/blends as outlined below. This bundle save you on overall cost and gives you FREE shipping! If you want to try all of our best coffee blends, this is the best option for you. You will not get the same deal if you add each item into the cart individually.

Pump and Dump Blend : Medium Roast

Made with SHG(Strictly High Grown) Honduran beans, this blend is a personal favorite; it’s well balanced, has low acidity and produces a uniquely smooth and overall enjoyable coffee experience. Grown over 4400ft above sea level. When coffee beans are grown at higher elevations, they develop slowly. This creates a more nutrient dense and potent coffee bean! Pairs well with big dreams.

The Blend is Your Friend:

Light Roast? Medium Roast? Dark Roast:?

How about all three.

This blend highlights the best of all three roasts; the caffeine punch and mellow flavors of a light roast, the balance of a medium roast and the deep bold characteristics of a dark roast, all create a perfect cup of coffee.

FREEDOM FUEL:  Medium Roast-100% Robusta Beans-Double Caffeinated

If you love the smell of freedom in the morning, this coffee is for you! Naturally high in Caffeine, this 100% Robusta bean coffee will keep your fire burning strong all day and through the night! Not your typical, low quality, bitter, Robusta beans, these are smooth and low in acidity for a perfectly enjoyable cup of freedom.

Caution: May cause extreme productivity. 

Please use with caution, these beans are the most potent I’ve ever had.

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Ground, Whole Bean


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