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Memecoins come and go but love is eternal. There have been tons of these coins launched in the past two weeks, and almost all of them rug pretty hard. If you’re lucky enough to get in early, you can make some great money but most are exit liquidity.

Memecoin investing is fueled by FOMO. FOMO causes you to make bad decisions, like buying the pump/hype. As much as I love our PUMP & Dump Blend, I don’t like seeing people lose their hard earned money.

Instead of risking your hard earned money for a CHANCE at a 100x, why not follow sound wisdom and choose to invest in a solid, time tested, low market cap project, Shina Inu!

Anticipated to become Shiba’s girlfriend, and be involved with the Shibnarium platform, there are a ton of connections that seem to connect Shi to Shib.

Currently sitting under 25M market cap. Shi was launched on Valentines Day in 2021(not a coincidence), and has stood the test of time. Shi’s not going to pump today and be irrelevant tomorrow.

The whitepaper says that Shina is here for the long haul!

What I am most excited about is the launch of shi staking in JUNE. This will lock up the supply and shoot up the price.

If Shi is officially connected to Shiba and the Shibnarium ecosystem, shi’ll be at a billion dollar market cap in no time. Now is your chance to grab a bag early. Who knows, this could be the next shiba.

So instead of putting that hard earned money into a *shitcoin, put it into shina, where you can hodl with conviction!

Read the whitepaper at

Here’s a great article on more shina connections.